Walk of Art

An inspiring and healthy nature walk!

Explore nature through art

Admire our twenty four sculptures from artists both local and from throughout the U.S.A. placed in Sportsman’s Park, Memorial Park and G.A.R. Park  in East Jordan, Michigan. We plan to add more sculptures and change out sculptures each year. These sculptures will be rotated out after 3 years so that this will become an evolving exhibit.

Get inspired and get in your daily exercise by taking a walk around the Jordan Art Walk! Walk the full path and discover the beauty of East Jordan and The Jordan Art Walk.

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A - A Cast Legacy 2021 B - Gone Fishing C - Blue Angel D - Down by the Marsh E - Moon Gulls F - Moonlit Butterfly Habitat G - The Swan H - Peal and Repeal I - Early Warning J - Out of Nowhere K - Juliette L - Millie M - Hook Shot N - Symbiosis

Meet the Artists

Juan Luna by his sculpture A last legacy on the Jordan Art Walk

Juan Luna

Juan Luna by his sculpture A Cast Legacy on the Jordan Art Walk A Cast Legacy sculpture ribbon cutting by Juan Luna on the Jordan Art Walk

“A Cast Legacy”
(Not For Sale)

A Gift from PADNOS

Weighing in at 4,500 pounds, “A Last Legacy” took five weeks to build. Part of the materials for this sculpture was donated by EJ, the remainder of it is all secondary scrap materials. The sculpture demonstrates how scrap materials are used through the manufacturing process, how it is used to produce new materials.

In collaboration with East Jordan Foundry, Juan Luna of PADNOS designed this sculpture to pay tribute to the work they do, and the products they make, specifically as they relate to water.

Ann Gildner by her sculpture Gone Fishing on the Jordan Art Walk

Ann Gildner
Cheboygan Artist

Gildner Art Gallery

Gone Fishing sculpture by Ann Gildner on the Jordan Art Walk Gone Fishing sculpture ribbon cutting by Ann Gildner on the Jordan Art Walk

“Gone Fishing”

Sponsored by Friends of the Jordan River Watershed


Sponsored by Korthase Flinn Insurance and Financial Services

Artist: Ann Gildner

Onaway resident, well-known sculptor, and instructor Ann Gildner has several of her creations on display and for sale. 

#1  $3,000.00

#2  $5,000.00

#3  $3,800.00

Sponsored by Ellsworth Farmers Exchange

Artist: Ann Gildner

Onaway resident, well-known sculptor, and instructor Ann Gildner has several of her creations on display and for sale. 

 Alexandria Carlington with her sculpture Down by the Marsh on the Jordan Walk

Alexandria Carlington
East Jordan Artist


Sponsored by The Insurance Shop

Artist Alexandria Carlington

The Jordan Art Walk will annually add one student sculpture created by a local student artist. The Art Walk opened with one student sculpture. East Jordan graduate Alexandria Carlington’s “Down By The Marsh” which sold. Alexandria replaced her sculpture with Phases which is located in Memorial Park and is offered for sale.

Steve Anderson with his sculpture Moon Gulls on the Jordan Art Walk

Steve Anderson
Cedar Springs Artist

Anderson’s Metal Sculpture

Moon Gulls by Steve Anderson on the Jordan Art Walk Moon Gulls ribbon cutting by Steve Anderson on the Jordan Art Walk

“Moon Gulls”
Not For Sale

Sponsored by Jordan River Arts Council

Artist Steve Anderson

The amazing kinetic sculpture “Moon Gulls” created by well-known Michigan artist Steve Anderson captivates walkers, boaters, and drivers. The sculpture is also a gift to the community from the Jordan River Arts Council. It will be on display for three years in its current location and relocated to another area downtown.

Artist Anna Donahue


“Kanoa & The Moth”

Sponsored by Jordan Valley District Library

Artist Anna Donahue

Growing up in North Dakota was a gift because even though we were stranded out in the middle of a sweeping prairie we learned to appreciate the value of simple yet very grand things; clouds that spread from horizon to horizon, oceans of waving wheat, blowing snow that drifts forever, a sky full of northern lights, ditches full of milkweed ready to burst, and prairie roses lining miles of railroad track. Beauty seemed scarce with the severe landscape and harsh lifestyle for anyone who dared to eke out a living there. But the simple life taught me three things: 

  1. There is beauty in everything.
  2. Everything is important.
  3. I can share my vision of important, beautiful things.

Artist Sam Soet

“Hardwoods II”

In memory of Warren, Karen & Kenny Solgot

Artist: Sam Soet

Ball State University Fine Art Major, 1999-2004
Apprenticeship with Master Sculptor Les Scruggs, 2002

For over 15 year, Sam’s art sculptures have been part of exhibitions, galleries and outdoor art walks and sculpture walks all over the United States. As a Michigan native Sam is at home outdoors and in the
woods. This is where he draws his inspiration from- the lines, shapes, and
movements therein influence the forms of his sculptures. Sam enjoys
working with materials that are sustainably sourced, essentially giving new
life to a fallen tree or limb or saving a log from a burn pile. His reverence for
and understanding of the medium is evident in the careful selection and
accentuation of its natural lines. This adds layers of depth to the abstract
sculptural forms. Each work is unique and serves as a memorial to the tree
and a tribute to the forest that shelters life and helps to sustain us. 

Jim Wolnosky
Bath, Michigan Artist

“Back From Where We Came From”

Sponsored by the Solgot Family

Artist Jim Wolnosky

Jim has been a professional artist for over 50 years. After attending Wayne State University and Michigan State University, Jim began a career in creative woodworking, focusing mainly on one-of-a-kind studio art furniture. He now uses various media – metal, stone, wood – to create sculptures, mobiles and stables. Jim’s metal mobiles have been featured in the ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have also been featured in Lansing, Michigan at the Sculptures in the Park competition, the River Walk competition and are part of the permanent collections of the Michigan Dental Association in Okemos, Michigan and the Michigan Housing Coalition in Lansing. Jim’s work is also part of the Walk of Art in Elk Rapids, Michigan. His wood mobiles can be seen at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. The main inspiration for all Jim’s work over the years has been the great jazz artists of the 50s and 60s as well as such abstract artists of the mid twentieth century as Joan Miro, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, David Smith and, of course, Alexander Caulder. “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” – Duke Ellington

Jim’s first sculpture “Out of Nowhere” was sold
*** SOLD ***

Andrew Woodard
Bloomington, Indiana Artist


“Blue Sky Totem” Bee Habitat


Sponsored by EJ Plastics, Inc.

Artist: Andrew Woodard

Andrew Woodard is a sculptor and educator living and working in Bloomington, IN. Growing up in Michigan, the days

of camping, hiking, and playing outdoors on long summer nights have influenced his creative interests in making environmentally focused artwork. He has developed a portfolio in the last 5 years that seeks to convene with local pollinators—birds, bees, etc.—as participants in his sculpture. Most works that he has shown during this period have functioned both sculpturally, and as habitats for living creatures. Woodard is part owner alongside his wife of Process Art Studio a small gallery, workshop space, and 3D scanning business. He also drives around Southern Indiana in a mobile maker space, teaching others about tools, design, and solution based thinking. Having spent his life learning every trade and skill he can possibly get his hands on, he has taken a keen interest in how digital technology interfaces with analog making. Woodard is devoted to helping other artists gain the dexterity and possibilities of interfacing their work between the virtual and built world.

Brian Ferriby
Empire, Michigan Artist


“Blue Angel”

Sponsored by Jason & Jan-Al Robinson in Memory of Marv & Janet Goodwin

Artist Brian Ferriby

Artist Statement

I wholly subscribe to the idea of making your work out of what you know. That is the only way I can find to be authentic. That is why my work springs from my surroundings. Even when making abstract works, I have drawn my inspiration from a close examination of what is close at hand. Universal questions can be approached if rooted in the specific. You have to have something to abstract from, and that specific something is close at hand. I am interested in place. I am interested in what happened or is going to happen in that place, whether it is yesterday or in the distant past. I am interested in what has been forgotten. I am interested in the sublime.  I am interested in what is just outside the frame. I am interested in what is just under the surface of our present reality.


Brian Ferriby is a professional studio artist, sculptor and arts educator. He is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.   He is currently working on commissioned public art pieces around the Midwest, and maintaining a studio practice based in Leelanau County in Northern Michigan, primarily in Sculpture and Printmaking.

David Petrakovitz
Cadillac, Michigan Artist

“Early Warning”

Sponsored by Clif & Suzi Porter and family

Artist: David Petrakovitz

David Petrakovitz studied at the Center for Creative Studios in Detroit, MI. He had a sculpture apprenticeship at Morris Brose Studio in Detroit, MI and attended Oakland Community College in Rochester, MI. Having grown up in Detroit he developed an interest in early industrial machines, seeing the beauty and grace of their forms and functions.
There is an almost primitive quality to their shapes. Most of any early and some of my recent sculptural forms have an aspect of functionality to them, ceramic vessels, wood and metal furniture; so it is not surprising that my sculptures often suggest some primitive function as well.

Doug DeLind
Mason, Michigan Artist

“Hook Shot”

Sponsored by Jordan Valley District Library

Artist: Doug DeLind

Doug DeLind has been working as a professional artist for 45 years and currently works out of his Mason, MI based studio. Doug received his BFA in sculpture and an MFA in ceramics, both from Michigan State University.
Speaking of his work Doug says “I still enjoy creating new ideas and sharing them. I am inspired in my work by ancient and basic civilizations and children’s art. I find purity in ancient art, directness in the art of basic civilizations and joy in children’s artwork. I hope you enjoy my work.”

Doug’s work “Hook Shot” is a bronze silhouette sculpture paying homage to the athleticism of today. The African/American basketball player is going through the delicate motions (and wishes) to make the ball score a basket. “I was inspired by the Greek and Roman bronzes of athletes in their moments of achievement.”

This sculpture was inspired by MSU 2000 National Championship player Aloysius Anagonye and his incredible hook shots.

Girl Scout Troop 4455 – 2022
East Jordan, Michigan Artists


Not For Sale

Sponsored by Mary Faculak and The E.J. Shoppe, Inc.

Artists: East Jordan Girl Scout Troop 4455 – 2022

Juliette the Butterfly come to you from 15 Cadet Girl Scouts ages 11-14. We have put in some time and excitement to come up with a project for our Silver Award. The top three criteria’s are 1. Research your community to see what is going on. 2. See what you could do to improve your community, 3. Do a project that is going to last or continue to go on and on.

With some help from the East Jordan Middle/High School Welding Teacher, Dave Mullador and several welding students, the vision from troop 4455 became a reality. Juliette was gifted to the community and will remain a permeant sculpture in East Jordan

East Jordan Middle/High School Welding Class – 2022
East Jordan, Michigan Artists


Jordan the Swan
Not For Sale

Artist East Jordan Middle/High School Welding Class of 2022

Jordan the Swan was created by the East Jordan Middle/High School Welding Class. The students created this sculpture under the direction of their teacher Dave Muladore and Artist in Residence Ann Gildner. Jordan is a permanent gift the the City of East Jordan,


Justin LaDoux
Ithaca, MI


“The Ant and The Grasshopper” – 2021

Sponsored By East Jordan Downtown Development Authority

Artist: Justin LaDoux

Scrap Metal

I have twelve public sculptures across Michigan Alma MI, Mt Pleasant MI, Clare MI, St Louis MI, Kalamazoo MI, Dundee MI, Harrison MI. Also have sculptures in private collections across the country, and several sculptures in Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museums across the world.  Also have sculptures in Art Walks in Chelsea MI, Elk Rapids MI, East Jordan MI. 

Mary Angers
Long Branch, New Jersey


“The Single Twist” – 2019

Sponsored By Nancy and Mitch Carey, Pat and Rod Tinney

Artist: Mary Angers

Stainless Steel

Mary C. Angers, Multidisciplinary artist, was born in Manhattan on July 22, 1958. She has resided in Long Branch, New Jersey for the past 20 years. working in two and three-dimensional media as well as video, television, light and computer generated work, she has shown extensively in Manhattan, New Jersey, France, California, Florida and other states around the united states, as well as doing public artwork around the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Working in a variety of media and themes she has Created Public artwork in laminated glass, metalworking, aluminum and metal and iron sculptures, Paintings and frescoes, animated and computer generated video and film work and projections and also light work. she has also created works in etched granite, sculpted and Painted winterstone, and cast aluminum as well as laser cut metalworks.

Her themes are self-Created, but also inherent to the sites she works on. the themes include historical timescapes, biological, natural, Cellular and otherwise scientific and earth and body related; ecologically related to the rhythms and cycles of life and events in life; and experimenting with Coordinate and orthogonal space; and always related to a highly contemporary and technological view of all of the aforementioned. in the end she tries to focus on an energy, and an inceptional moments with an eye towards beauty sometimes gone unnoticed in her areas of interest. relating the pieces, whether it is a sculpture or a glass Curtain wall to the site where it will exist is of equal importance to her body of work.

Her work has been written up and televised in states like Florida and Tennessee, as well as New Jersey and New York, including the noted art critic, Roberta Smith.

Jarod Charzewski
Charleston, South Carolina

“Agate Reflector” 

In Honor of Barb and Fred Malpass From Your Family

Artist: Jarod Charzewski

Repurposed Bicycle Fenders and Welded Steel Armature

Jarod Charzewski holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba (1996) and an MFA from the University of Minnesota (2005). He has received artist grants from several US and Canadian arts organizations including the Manitoba Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts and received a Puffin Award for the environmental content of his work. He has exhibited across the US and Canada including such venues as the Grand Canyon National Park site specific installation, Le Biennale de Montréal in Montreal Quebec, and the Bunnell Arts Center in Homer Alaska. In addition, in Spring of 2018 he had a mid-career retrospective at the Begovich Gallery at the University of Southern California, Fullerton. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina


David Petrakovitz
Cadillac, MI


“Parallel Outcome” 

Sponsored By East Jordan Lions Club

Artist: David Petrakovita

David Petrakovita studied at the Center for Creative Studios in Detroit, MI. He had a sculpture apprenticeship at Morris Brose Studio in Detroit, MI and attended Oakland Community College in Rochester, MI. Having grown up in Detroit he developed an interest in early industrial machines, seeing the beauty and grace of their forms and functions.
There is an almost primitive quality to their shapes. Most of any early and some of my recent sculptural forms have an aspect of functionality to them, ceramic vessels, wood and metal furniture; so it is not surprising that my sculptures often suggest some primitive function as well.

Powder Coated Stainless Steel


Ann Gildner
Onaway, MI


“Duck Landing” 
Sold – Gift to the Community of East Jordan From the Bob & Sherry Pursal Family

Artist: Ann Gildner

Ann Gildner has several other sculptures in the Jordan Art Walk. Ann is also the Artist in Residents for our East Jordan Middle/High School Students. 


East Jordan Middle/High School
Welding Class Students – 2023


“Jordan Valley Honor Star” 
Not for Sale

Sponsored By Crowd Fund Campaign Sponsors and Charlevoix County Community Foundation

Artists: East Jordan High School Welding Students

The Jordan Valley Honor Star sculpture, in honor of our military veterans and has become a “community landmark” as part of the G.A.R. Park renovation.  The welding class made this 9 foot star to honor our Veterans. EJHS instruction Dave Muladore and Artist in Residence, Ann Gildner were excited to help the EJHS students once again. Ann was a teacher, welder, fabricator and artist at the Onaway Industrial Arts Institute. 

Artist Gary Schils

Harbor Springs, MI

“Great Blue Heron on the Stalk” 

Sponsored By Pro Image

Artists: Gary Schils

As a boy I have always fascinated by the nature of living things–collecting insects, snakes, turtles, bird watching, fishing, roaming woods and rivers. This has carried over to carving animals out of wood–mostly indigenous fish and odd totems. My grandfather was a woodcarver. As a kid, I’d join him in his basement studio in Marquette MI. He’d help me with projects. I suppose this was my genesis. It’s in my blood. Recently I have evolved into shore birds–herons, godwits, egrets, sandhill cranes, terns and the like. I have had successful home showings, transforming our home outside Harbor Springs into a gallery. These events are sponsored by Somebody’s Gallery in downtown Petoskey.

Artist John Stevenson

Traverse City, MI

“Michigan Cattails” 

Sponsored By 4Front Credit Union

Artists: John Stevenson

John retired from dentistry 7 years ago and began welding as a hobby. He is a self taught artist. He has been collecting antique wagon wheels from all over Michigan, which inspire him to create a variety of sculptures. 

Artist Steve Anderson

“And Once Upon A Time”


Sponsored By Fred & Barb Malpass

Artists: Steve Anderson


For more information about the artists, the sponsors, or purchasing a sculpture, contact the East Jordan Chamber of Commerce at 231-536-7351 or info@ejchamber.org.